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Results of more kids’ play

Well, this has been a long hiatus! I come and go in and out of hobbies. I may or may not be back here to stay for awhile; this may be just a dalliance, not sure.

This post is to point out a few things I had to fix after my kids played with the game a bit. They found the following three things that needed fixing.

Wait! First, let me point out that they were totally thrilled to be able to make their own realms, map them out on paper, and connect them with exits. They would ask one another where they were, and try to find one another. They could very easily get lost in their own, tiny, 6-room realms, because this text-based interface was all new to them. But they thought it was fun anyway.

So, the things I had to fix:

  1. They discovered that my teleport command didn’t work when they typed it with no arguments. Then I discovered, after fixing that, that I had fallen prey to the “variable declarations must go first in a function, always!” gotcha. Ayiyi, LPC.
  2. The telnet app I got for an iPad doesn’t echo the newlines at the end of their commands. So things ran together in an ugly way. I updated my user.c commandHook() to check for vt220 (what the iPad reports as) and add newlines after each command from the MUD’s end. The code looked like this.
        // my iPad connects with vt220 and doesn't use enough \n's, so add some:
        if ( this_user()->query_property( "termtype" ) == "vt220" )
            write( "\n" );
  3. They needed an easy way to get back to their home. The teleport command was too lengthy, so I added a home command. It had two uses: “home here” makes your home the room you’re in, and “home” takes you to your home, just like teleport would.

Those were the main things. There were other usability improvements I’d like to make based on my observing the kids’ playing with the MUD, but I haven’t had a chance yet. After I implement them, I’ll come and post here about it.


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